“The pictures of my kids are AMAZING!! Tears are running down my face. You have such an amazing talent to be able to capture their personalities in those photos…Seriously, you now have a permanent spot in my family!” – Lori G.


“I am SO THRILLED! You captured expressions on the kid’s faces that we always try to get but never actually succeed in getting in our own photos. You also captured our love for our babes. I know they’ll look back on these photos when they’re older and they’ll see the love we have for them and the joy they give us!” – Fran O.


“I love the pictures you took of our family! It would have taken me days and many tears shed (by the kids and probably me too!) to get a picture no where near as good as the ones you took!” – Kelly P.


“Kristen…you are truly the sweetest!!! We enjoyed every second of the afternoon we spent with you yesterday. You are adorable, funny and genuine. It isn’t possible not to want to smile, pose, play and just plain ole be yourself with you behind the camera.” – Angie A.


“Got the pictures and cried over them…I love them. You are gifted with an eye for deeper than the picture.” -Beth B. (NSW, Australia)


“Kristen, once again you did an amazing job!! I am so happy with these! You really exceeded my expectations…not because I don’t think you are brilliant. It’s just that my girls won’t sit still so I was really unsure if you were able to get anything good. So happy!! Thanks again!” – Abby D.


“I just don’t know how you do it. You always capture the kids so perfectly. I got filled up looking at my babies in these pictures. You bring out their true beauty…” -Jenn W.


“Kristen, I can’t say enough about the pictures you took for us. You have an amazing ability to capture Ali and Jack’s individual personality and it comes across in every picture. This is the beginning of a great relationship!!” – Cara T.


‎”Kristen – you are way talented, thanks so much – these are excellent!!!” – Mike D.


“These pictures are amazing. A smile does not begin to describe how they make me feel. The shots of my siblings are unbelievably perfect! Thank you so so so much!!” – Dan L.


“Kristen, you are an AMAZING and GIFTED photographer!!! Your eye captures the most interesting combinations of shape, space, and life!!! I had so much fun perusing your photographs – the ones from Venice are just WOW!! Glad I got to see your gifts!” – Daria S.


“Thank you so much for the Photo Gallery! The pictures look wonderful. Coming off a very emotional weekend – taking Sarah to college and packing Steph up. I’m so thankful for these beautiful photos to enjoy and cherish the memories of summer forever.” – Peggy M.


“I can’t thank you enough for this. It was amazing getting to meet you in person. I feel like I’ve gained a friend!” – Elisse K.


“Thank you so much for today! We had a fantastic time. It is always so easy and casual with you! We can’t wait for your beautiful photos! And all of the wonderful compliments we get on them!!” – Amanda M.


“Oh my gosh, Kristen, you are fantastic! The girls were asking on the way home when we could do it again, only with you! I know the photos will be beautiful, they always are. You do such an incredible job of capturing the girls and highlighting their personality. Can’t wait! So much fun seeing you!” – Melissa F.


“Kristen, I got the package today and the pictures are just so wonderful. I can’t thank you enough!!! They will be in our family for generations to come. Thank you for the wonderful memories. You made us all at easy with your upbeat personality. We are so happy we had the opportunity to meet you!” – Lisa C.


“Not that I thought it was possible, but these may be your best pictures yet!!!” – Cara T.


“You have such a warm and welcoming presence which made the day so fun and relaxing!” – Christina C.


“What a great photo shoot we had! You were so accommodating of our wishes – moving benches, getting whacked with tree branches and traipsing over hall and dale to locate a half dead tree we wanted in the picture. You were so positive and upbeat, and it was such a fun experience!” – Toni L.


“Kristen is the real deal. She lends a natural, artistic eye to what can be a tense and artificial process. We treasure our photographs because they feel warm and un-forced. In addition, Kristen allows her family unlimited, unrestricted access to their library of photographs, verses other restricted and expensive photography studios. This is a rare and wonderful gift.” – Cindy B.

Diane Campbell - Wow, what can I say just had the best time with Kristen taking pictures of my kids today (actually about 3 hours ago). Have not even seen the pictures but can tell by Kristen’s interest in my kids and the look on their faces that they are going to be great. Thank you so much for never giving up on me, I know our schedules were crazy but we finally got the time to meet.

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