{Jake + Priya}

This summer has been one for the books! I hope it has been wonderful for all of you as well!

Since it’s officially the turn of autumn here in Eastern PA, I wanted to share this Session of two love birds at the ocean to close out the summer season…

Jake + Priya are absolute sweethearts, + I am so thankful for the opportunity to document their love for one another on a beautiful day in Margate, New Jersey!

I wish them a lifetime of continued laughs + happiness, forever.

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{Naomi + Ella}

“I think it’s so special that we’ve had the same person photographing our children since they were babies…”

That’s what the sweet Mama of two daughters told me at their recent Photo Session. And I couldn’t agree more.

Watching these girls grow up has truly been a treasure. I know what their favorite animals are, what themed birthday parties they have had, + how their dance recitals have gone…

Naomi + Ella have even given their allowance towards Charlie, the little boy that KC Photography Co. sponsors!

I love photographing these sisters because something raw, unscripted, + beautiful happens when they are in front of my camera. While documenting life, I’m watching it unfold at the same time.

How wonderful of a gift that truly is!


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{Dating My Camera II}

[Part II.]

“Pick up what you love + keep it close.”

That’s what I wrote down in my journal while thinking of what I want to convey to you all in these posts.

In my previous post, I shared the importance of continuing to pursue what you love. For me that means taking my camera on dates just to shoot for the FUN of it!

Of course your passions may be different than mine. To that I say, wonderful! Go for them!

Hesitation may hold you back because maybe it’s been quite a long time since you’ve actually done the thing you’re thinking of right now…

But as long as you have passion in your heart + breath in your lungs, it really is never to late to pull out your paints, dust off your bike, + open up that short story just begging to be finished; you certainly can still start again from where you left off!

Take it from me, someone who is giving soccer another go after a lonnng break! Will I be as sharp in the game as I once was? Probably not. But is showing up a good place to start? Absolutely.

(Here’s a photo of me before my first ever soccer game. I didn’t really understand how to play yet + my shorts nearly swallowed me whole (HA!), however my love of the game began that day. You gotta start somewhere! ; )


So friends whatever your desire is, keep it alive. Nurture it. And it will nurture you.

And on that note, here are the second set of photographs from my time at Longwood Gardens…I hope that you enjoy.

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{Dating My Camera}

[Part I.]

When I first grew to love photography, it was a constant treasure hunt for beautiful moments + playful lighting…

I carried my film Nikon with me on walks in the woods, friend hang-out times, wide open fields, + into city life, too.

Having my camera within reach gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into any moment if I wanted to. It allowed me to pause time + really let my heart stare deeply into something I found beautiful, even if I didn’t exactly know why. Changing my perspective + angle while looking through the viewfinder made light appear to dance in different ways + it made me smile as I watched it play.

It was a season of constant discovery + the growth of a heart learning how to treasure fleeting moments.

Skip forward a handful of years, to today…

I am thankful for the discoveries that my camera + I have made over the years. Those small beginnings have opened up opportunity to shoot in different countries, often focusing on humanitarian work that I deeply believe in. I’ve been able to expose orphaned youth in Asia to photography + watch them fall in love with it like I have. And here in the States I have had been given so many opportunities to photograph amazing people + the lives they live.

I continue to love discovering, exploring, and learning. However my patience for sitting at a computer to edit + email + run a business has its limits. I enjoy working on images I love, but then I need some sunshine on my face right after. So due to deadlines, lately I have focused my time on photographs for my clients. I’m in a constant search for balance, I suppose.

Maybe you can relate to that.

I have realized, I don’t want to fall away from my first love of discovery with my camera. What drew me to have a camera near at all times was shooting things that interested me. Learning about nature, God, + myself by exploring with my Nikon brought invaluable life lessons.

So, I decided I need to date more.

*Ahem.* I need to date my camera more.

If I’m going to continue to love doing what I do as a portrait photographer, (which I still do by the way!), I need to get back to the roots of why I started this whole journey in the first place.

So recently I escaped to location where I shoot often (Longwood Gardens). Though this time instead of documenting for other people, I shot only for myself. I’ll be honest; I didn’t feel like I necessarily fit in with the other individuals who brought loads of gear there. And I’m not really drawn to well-manicured things all of the time; I like wildflowers, messy hair, + favorite t-shirts that are like faithful friends…

But exploring with no set of rules or exceptions was lovely.

I allowed myself to get back to my roots. Back to my love. Back to playing.

I hope you can do the same, with whatever things you are interested in and passionate about. Because friends, it’s so worth it…

Part II coming next…

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{The Moss Family}

This family’s chemistry was just magic…

Laughter was non-stop + abundant throughout the entirety of this Photo Session!

And I’m convinced it’s because these five people enjoy + love one another with the deepest parts of their souls.

Collectively, photographed below represents the full spectrum of personality types; some were goofy + loud while others were quiet + amused. Together they make the perfect blend of a family.

To top that all off, a thunder storm overheard teased us during the entire Photo Session! Shooting with on-going thunder rumbles was a first for me, + I’ll be honest in saying that it felt pretty wild + fun!

I know that I will remember this photo documentation in Lancaster, PA for a long, long time.

These people are truly that special.

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