{On Body Image}

Hey there stunning Mama.

Yes, you.

You there sitting in your sweats at 3pm, wondering when the last time you had a shower was.


Insecurities can often feel like our own private things, but I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling them. So many women have revealed to me feeling less than perfect + how it holds them back from any sort of desire to be photographed with their families.

“I’ve put on a bit of extra baby weight that I just can’t kick + I’m feeling not so great about it.”

“I’m an adult + I have braces; I don’t want to have family photos taken with me like this.”

“I really hate my wrinkles; can you photoshop them all out?”

Just today as I was helping to style a friend/client’s family outfits for an upcoming Photo Session, she shared with me her frustrations at her body image right now.

This is what I said to her + this is what I want to say to you:

“Everyone has some feature or something they’re not over the moon about. I think documenting your family together right how you are is fantastic all the same. Your children will not remember your weight…they’ll remember your kind eyes, beautiful smile + your love.”

So remember lovelies, that you are stunning just as you are. Please don’t let anything hold you back from seeing that today. The rest of us see you as wonderful so you might as well, too. ; )

xo, Kristen.


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{Portland, OR II}

So picking up right were we left off! (See my first Portland, OR post here if you missed it!)

I’m realizing now I should have documented our cute little Airbnb where we stayed, however I think that we made it our own place so quickly that we (I) forgot we didn’t actually live in Oregon…HA! ; )

So imagine a really adorable place with sweaters + boots + food + us inside…

ANYWAYS. We explored the city of Portland for a day, which was pretty rad. I mostly instagramed that.

Next we hit up some pretty lovely waterfalls. (See what I did there?)

First we saw Wahkeena Falls + then hiked over to Multnomah Falls, which gave my heart butterflies…

I couldn’t get over the beautiful lime on the rocks…

When I turned the bend + saw the magnitude of Multnomah Falls, it was the most humbling + exciting feeling I’ve felt in a while…

Hiiiii Sarah! I spy you on the bridge!! ; )

Here’s my pretty friend, Sarah! : )

I told you, I can’t get enough of this lime on the rocks, ha! : )

A few portraits of the lovely Melissa Young:

This was heaven knows where, but we pulled over to take in this view on our way to Mount Hood!

Beautiful Mount Hood!

My lovely friend Melissa borrowed my Nikon at this point so you may spot myself + Sarah in some of these shots! ; )

Annnd we’re back to some out of focus portraits that grow on me by the second… ; )

So then, after Mount Hood, we made our way to Bend, which is in central Oregon.

We star-gazed + saw the Milky Way, visited friends, + found amazing coffee shops. Back to Portland the next day we went, stopping on our way to hug some trees.

The trip was packed + yet I need a life-time to explore all of the state! It definitely was an amazing first visit though. And I want to go back to see so much more…

Thanks for following along + seeing our journey!

Stay cool, cats. xo

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{Portland , OR. I}

As much as having my feet on Seattle soil was a longtime dream, the idea of being in Oregon closely followed.

Watching the influence of PNW culture on the photographers work whom I follow was extremely notable.

It made me want to go pronto.

So two friends + I did. We went to Oregon, just to see Oregon.

Almost as soon as we crossed into Oregon from Washington, it was like traveling into a different world I wanted a lifetime to experience…

I couldn’t tell you the name of this random town we pulled over in, but I can tell you how fresh the air was, how blue the water was, + how silly the wild sea lions antics were…

My good friend Sarah is also a photographer + between us we just could not get enough of all the glory that surrounded us!!

This is where I worked really hard to communicate with the sea lions that had me cracking up at how fat + silly they were.


With some fresh air in our lungs we continued down the coast toward Cannon Beach! (Goonies anyone?)

This place blew my expectations/hopes/curiosity out of the park! The vastness + beauty of this place resonated with the deepest parts of my soul…

The sun welcomed us + the wind tore threw us playfully around on the beach. Mountain mist teased the tree line + the rolls of ocean waves just went on endlessly. Unbelievable would have been the right word to describe what it felt like being there.

My dear friend Melissa had moved down to Nashville, TN earlier this year + she joined us on this trip!

Her spirit always makes things much more enjoyable + it was such a treat to have her with us!!

Lis snapped this of me. Out of focus portraits aka ‘artsy portraits’ became a thing this trip. I have lots she took, though actually some of them are pretty darn rad.
Here is Melissa by the Haystack Rock.
After some exploring, we were chilled to the bone + found the cutest little cafe called the Bald Eagle Coffee House. They had homemade hot soup + breads + the cutest small town charm you ever did see.

Be sure to check it out if you’re ever out that way! The woman serving us had the kindest spirit + the more senior town members seemed to be there reading newspapers together. It was very sweet.

From here we headed SW towards Portland. More on that coming up next!

Additional photos on my Instagram feed

And see my previous post on Seattle here.  xo

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{Seattle, WA}

“You know all those things you’ve wanted to do? Do them.” – Anonymous

I have wanted to visit Seattle, Washington for as long as I can remember.

The mood + pulse of the city comes across as inviting + creative. The art, style + the tones in that corner of our country inspire me.

I love orcas. Washington has orcas.

I love coffee. Washington has lots of coffee.

I love the ocean + mountains together, + Washington has that too.

This place draws me + I decided to carve out some time (albeit just a few days but still!) to explore. And dude, it knocked my hopes out of the park…

Even the plane’s descent into Seattle was breath-taking! And immaturely I smelled fresh pine trees + people were so kind to me.

Visiting old friends + meeting some new quality souls while being out there was a huge blessing. And wandering around Seattle with very little agenda felt beyond perfect to me.

This trip will be one that I always remember + I’m so glad I just went for it. No regrets. Only a small piece of my heart stolen from this upper NW state but I think I can live with that.

Just exploring on my own at this point, making my way down to the waterfront.


The Seattle Aquarium.


I met up with some friends at the Public Market! It was wonderful there; definitely a favorite spot to explore in the city!

Right across from this spot in the Public Market, I spoke with a vendor who was selling artwork. I purchased a handful of minimalistic postcards of the area that I found beautiful + she told me that she had drawn one of them herself. It was a lovely conversation + encounter.

A couple of friends + I took in this view while I learned of the Seattle culture…

One of the book store kittens who they are trying to find a home for.
Many well known musicians have played here…

I more than enjoyed exploring this city! For more photos, check out my Instagram feed!

Next Up: Oregon Trip Recap!!

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{Charlie, Liam + Gavin}

I am so stinkin in love with these boys!!

Photographing them has only grown more fun over the years. They are full of LIFE, LAUGHS, + EXPLORER’S HEARTS.

Their family is super creative; they crochet, garden, + even teach yoga. All things I also enjoy.

Most of all, I enjoy watching them interact with one another. There is so much love between them + it’s a beautiful thing to behold..

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