Q: How far in advance should I book my Photo Session?

A: Typically I’m booked two months out from now, though I have more flexibility on weekdays. But feel free to ask about a more immediate date! I may be able to fit you in!


Q: What should I WEAR?

A: Choosing a color palette is a great place to start! Rather than everyone wearing matching outfits, try mixing + matching a few different colors + tones of those colors. Comfort is KEY; Wear something you feel great in! Be yourself!

Layers + accessories such as hats, scarves, headbands, + jewelry add dimension + show off your personality in your photographs!

Feel free to bring an extra change of clothes for your children for variety + an extra item you can switch on for yourself as well, if you like.

Try to AVOID: Brand names written on clothing, wearing too much white + light colored sneakers, as those things tend to draw attention away from your faces.

Check out my Pinterest board,“Fashion for Photo Sessions” for more ideas! I update it regularly + you can find inspiring outfit ideas!

If you’re looking for ideas of coordinating your family’s outfits well, check out this Pinterest board! “Color Coordination for Photo Sessions


Q: What should I BRING?

+ Outfit changes, if desired.

+ Snacks + a drink for your children. Little rewards like m & m’s work well too.

+ Wet wipes and tissues to keep little faces clean.

+ Special toys, stuffed animals, books, family keepsakes, etc. that you want in a photo or two.

+ Balloons, signs, sonograms, etc. due to a special occasion.


Q: Do I have to sign a release form?

A: Yes. I will bring it with me to your Session.


Q: Do you only photograph families and children? Do you ever do weddings?

A: I specialize in photographing newborns, children, seniors, engagements, maternity, families + adoption home-comings. Currently I am not booking any large events or weddings.


Q: Why is customized photography so expensive?

A: Your investment goes beyond the 1+ hour session, but also includes: pre-session set up, travel to the location, camera equipment, the photography session, backing up files, several hours of processing(editing), packaging + mailing. I’d recommend (and would be so grateful) if you took the time to read THIS ARTICLE.


Q: Do you have any kind of discount packages?

A: Families who have adopted, are fostering, or have served in the military can receive a 10% discount on their session fee. Just ask!


Q: How did I become a Photographer?

A: My Dad is a photographer + for as long as I can remember he would pull out the projector, show me his old slides, + tell me the stories behind them. Saturday mornings were a time for pancakes + reminiscing…

That influenced me a lot I think, growing up realizing how precious memories + pictures are.

I had a few different point-and-shoot cameras when I was little, + loved the anticipation of waiting to get my film developed! Then I became familiar with my Dad’s film SLR and loved it even more. Once I got my first digital SLR (a Nikon D50) it opened up a new world for me…

Now I use Nikon D800 + D300s camera bodies + own five lenses. It’s been a wild ride of adventure and learning, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I love creating, loving people, hearing your stories, + capturing beautiful relationships!


Q: What makes me smile?

A: Barefoot days in summer, being by any body of water, swimming, time with family, exploring, creating, toddler belly laughs, fair trade coffee, finding new music that doesn’t stink, dance parties in pajamas, journaling, most anything cute that comes out of kids mouths, adoption, Jesus, getting on an airplane (unless it’s stormy), being hand-in-hand with orphans, daydreaming, laughing at how clumsy I can be, a fresh snowfall, hearing someone beat the odds + overcome, documentaries (I’m a little weird), instagram, having no time constraints, my friends, pumpkin pie, exercising, staring at starry skies…

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